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Why use our coin?

The cryptocurrency space still be seen as an extremely volatile asset class, which makes it challenging to assess the actual value of any protocol. Our utility token were created to encounter high volatile problem and provide a block chain-native solution to preserve value in crypto for various purposes and use cases.

The first wave of live utility token was launched back in 2014. And the cryptocurrency space has a huge expansion of utility token in the past year. Almost 40 different projects are currently live and many more are being created. This type of token demonstrates more than just a minor use case for block chain technology, but have utility that is expected to grow exponentially as the crypto ecosystem matures. Many of fiat-pegged utility token have been proposed which mainly are cryptocurrencies collateralized to US dollar.

WISDOM will be the utility token that are representing ASEAN countries. Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing market. As it is the home to several emerging market countries making the region one of the most dynamic in the world. An important driver of the world’s economic growth. Thailand is one of the most developed economies among the ASEAN countries. Therefore, the US dollar is a highly desirable medium of exchange in market, as well as a globally accepted unit of account, it is a desirable peg for a utility token.

WISDOM is in the regulated of payment tokens processes that combines the creditworthiness and price stability of US Dollar with the technological advantages of a cryptocurrency and the oversight of Thailand regulators. WISDOM value proposition is simply to maintain price stability in references to US Dollar to become a medium of exchange and a reserve currency or a store of value. In order to create a stable, decentralized cryptocurrency—permission-less digital money—that can be secured, saved, and sent instantaneously at almost no cost and with no specific intermediaries. WISDOM will be compliant and transparent and build trust that the utility token can hold its value and in the team behind it.

The idea of utility token was initially popularized in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space. There are a few categories of utility token which allow to hold value and provide a similar service in that users can avoid the volatility (or other traits) of a particular cryptocurrency, where the only differences go about pegging their units in different ways. In this white paper, we focus on applications wherein the fiat value is stored and transmitted with software that is open-source, cryptographically secure, and uses distributed ledger technology.

WISDOM, fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies initially be issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20), Polygon and TRC-20 Tron block chain so they exist as a cryptocurrency token. Each WISDOM unit issued into circulation is backed in a one-tone ratio (i.e. one Wisdom token is one US dollar) by the corresponding fiat currency unit held in deposit by Thailand based--Nkrypt (Thailand), WISDOM may be exchange for the underlying fiat currency pursuant to Nkrypt (Thailand)’s terms of service or, if the holder prefers, the equivalent spot value in any other cryptocurrency. Once WISDOM has been issued, it can be transferred, stored, and exchange as any other cryptocurrency.

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